We promote the creation of Protected Areas for the conservation of natural ecosystems, encouraging the participation of local stakeholders.

Why promote more and better protected areas in Argentina?

Protected areas are one of the fundamental tools to react and act in the face of wildlife conservation challenges, as a strategy for poverty reduction, and as part of the need for climate change mitigation and adaptation plans.

The creation of a protected area guarantees the protection of biodiversity and ecosystem services. A protected area can preserve watersheds, contributing to the care of water for consumption and productive use in neighboring areas; it can protect key links in the trophic chains, collaborating in the biological control of pests and/or regulating the emergence of zoonotic diseases; and it allows for the custody of landscapes and cultural sites that serve for the enjoyment, recreation and spiritual connection of visitors and local inhabitants.

Protected areas are sources of natural biodiversity, but they are also very important sites of social, cultural and economic value.

At Natura Argentina, we believe in protected areas as new ways of inhabiting the natural space, promoting sustainable use, accompanied by sustainable productive activities, open to community participation and allowing for economic, tourism, scientific and educational development on a local and regional scale.