Who We Are

Lucila Castro

Lucila Castro

Executive Director

Lucila’s main interests are conservation, population ecology, and protected areas. Her strengths are in articulating scientific and technical work, institutional and governmental sector interactions, and local community outreach, all directed toward achieving conservation objectives. She is a member of the High Andean Flamingo Conservation Group. Lucila is also a member of the IUCN Flamingo Specialist Group and the IUCN Connectivity and Conservation Specialist Group. She is a former board member of the International Salt Lake Research Society; and serves as a collaborating researcher at the Institute of Ecology of the National University of Mexico.

Lucila has participated in numerous presentations and lectures on wilderness, conservation, and wetland status in Russia, China, Colombia, Brazil, USA, and Mexico, where she spoke about the conservation work in Argentina.  She has conducted research and internships at the University of Melbourne and University of Sydney, the Autonomous University of Mexico and the University of Cambridge.

Lucila graduated with a degree in Biology from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina. She was born in the province of Santa Fe, and lived since childhood in Miramar de Ansenuza, Córdoba, from where she became a promoter, enthusiast, and educator for the creation of the Ansenuza National Park.

Natura Argentina (Argentina Chapter)

Agustina Di Pauli

Agustina Di Pauli

Project Coordinator

Agustina’s experience is focused mainly on bird ecology and biological interactions. She has worked in environmental education, ethology, and wildlife management in the province of TUCman, and in shorebird and sea turtle conservation in Uruguay. She holds a degree in Biology from the National University of Tucumán.

Sofia Antonena

Technical Department Coordinator

She started as an intern at Natura Argentina, and her work currently focuses on technical support for the organization’s projects. She is an engineer in Natural Resources and Environment from the National University of La Pampa, with a diploma in geomatics applied to the environment from the National Commission of Space Activities, together with the National University of Córdoba.

María Laura Steffolani

María Laura Steffolani

General Coordinator

Her main interests are working on environmental education projects, developing regional economies linked to protected areas, and promoting good governance. She holds a degree in Biology from the National University of Córdoba and a master’s degree in biology and biodiversity conservation from the University of Salamanca, Spain.

Victoria Lassaga

Victoria Lassaga

Project Coordinator

She is a biology student at the National University of Córdoba. Her thesis deals with the biodiversity of mammals in a Natural Defense Reserve in the province of Córdoba. She is a PM4R Master in Project Management for Results certified by the Inter-American Development Bank. Her main interests are conservation and ecology.

Daniela Peralta

Human Resources and Executive Assistance

She is a University Technician in Human Resources and a Technician in Environmental Management, which is why she found in Natura, Argentina a space to combine her main interests, specializing in the integral management of human talent. She has worked in the recruitment and induction of collaborators, the planning and execution of environmental education workshops, and also writes and proofreads academic texts.

Agustina Araya

Administrative Assistant

Student of Political Science at the National University of Córdoba. In charge of communication within the teams and accompaniment at different stages of the projects, and also with the finance team. She got to know conservation thanks to Natura Argentina and enjoys learning about the flora, fauna, and activities for conservation every day.

Gabriela Sibilla

Gabriela Sibilla

Communication Coordinator

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising with a Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication. She has over eight years of experience coordinating communication projects in public and private organizations. Her interest in writing, mainly travel chronicles, led her to collaborate with newspapers and specialized magazines and to edit her book, “Rutas, historias cortas de viaje” (Routes, short travel stories).

Gonzalo Strano

Project Communication

He has a degree in History from the National University of Luján and a diploma in Sustainable Development from the National Technological University. He was a teacher and began his professional career in the third sector in Greenpeace, developing different activities for 15 years.

Agustina Conci


She has a degree in Social Communication from the National University of Córdoba and a diploma as a Social Media Manager. As a journalist, she worked in radio and graphic media in Córdoba. She has collaborated with local and national media on environmental issues, especially on the loss of Cordoba´s forest, the advance of agribusiness, and the situation of protected areas.

Billy Petrone

Graphic Designer

He has over 20 years of experience working with different organizations and companies in Argentina and abroad. He has worked as a consultant and designer in corporate visual identity, packaging design, and editorial design.  He is a professor at the Provincial University of Córdoba.

Silvana Rufini

Silvana Rufini

Socio-environmental Liaison Officer

Her work focuses on the link with local communities, focusing on participatory governance. She is a Biologist and Professor of Biological Sciences at the National University of Córdoba. She has participated in numerous outreach and education projects related to conservation, environmental education, and the creation and implementation of protected areas. She is a professor of Environmental Education at the Provincial University of Córdoba.

Guadalupe Guerrero

Sustainable Tourism Coordinator

She has 17 years of experience in national and international tourism projects. She has a degree in Tourism with numerous specializations in management for sustainable development. She has served as Director of Tourism Quality of the Province of Buenos Aires and General Director of Tourism Development of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. She is a teacher and creator of the Innovatur BA Program.

Andrés Baissero

Territorial Project Coordinator

Park ranger graduated from the Provincial University of Córdoba. He has experience as a volunteer in numerous conservation projects and in different reserves and parks in Argentina. He worked as a park ranger and teaches at the environmental education school “Proyecto Ambiental”.

María del Carmen Villalba

Territorial Communication Coordinator

She is a graduate and professor in Communication, graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, and holds a Diploma in Communication and Digital Marketing. She has worked in institutional communication in several public and private organizations. He has taught at several universities in Mendoza.

Tomás Aguirre Vallés

Technical Consultant

He has a degree in Biological Sciences from the National University of Córdoba, and is currently studying for a university degree in Park Ranger at the Provincial University of Córdoba. In his thesis, he studied the responses of birds and arthropods to plant invasion in a protected area. She has collaborated in other studies on ecology and conservation and, in extension and environmental education projects, her main interests.

Gonzalo Martínez

Technical Consultant

He holds a degree in Biological Sciences from the National University of Catamarca. He is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Miguel Lillo Institute, National University of Tucumán. He lives in Catamarca, where he works as an environmental advisor and bird guide in the yungas (cloud forest) area. He is passionate about conservation and the dissemination of science, especially the incredible biodiversity of the Catamarca yungas.

Dalma Pierucci


She holds a Environment and Renewable Energies degree from Universidad Empresarial Siglo 21 and a diploma in Environmental Management and Policy. She studied Environmental Land Management for municipalities and communes dictated by the Secretariat of Environment of Córdoba. She advises on natural resource management and sustainability plans as an independent consultant. Passionate about nature and its conservation, dabbling in photography.

Laura Araki


She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires, and a University Technician in Park Ranger from the Provincial University of Córdoba.

She was involved in social, educational, and therapeutic projects from the humanities for more than five years. Later, she deepened her knowledge with an environmental focus. She actively participated in creating El Impenetrable National Park in Chaco with Banco de Bosques. She worked on different campaigns and projects to conserve nature in Buenos Aires and Córdoba. She holds a diploma in Environmental Law from the Universidad Libre del Ambiente.

Soledad Brandi

Technical Consultant

Born in Mendoza. She has a degree in Biological Sciences from the National University of San Luis. She has participated in conservation projects and developing management plans for several provincial protected areas. She works at the Institute of Environmental Sciences of the National University of Cuyo, and as a teacher at the higher education level. She is a founding member of the Alliance for Conservation.

Rocio Cardona

Technical Consultant

She graduated from the University Technician in Park Ranger at the Provincial University of Córdoba. He served as a park ranger in protected areas: in the Cerro Paine Reserve, in Chile, the San Lorenzo Reserve, in Peninsula de Valdés, and Patagonia Park, in Santa Cruz, all spaces with different approaches to conservation. She also collaborated as a volunteer in different conservation projects.

Pablo Vicente

Technical Consultant

He is a Natural Resources and Environmental Engineer who graduated from the National University of Salta. He is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Renewable Energies. He is the Treasurer and member of the technical staff of the NGO CeDRUS of Salta.

Laura Gattino

Project Coordinator

He has a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Tucumán. She has experience mainly in the Chaco Seco ecoregion, with camera trap sampling, data collection, and analysis with satellite images. He has participated in different sustainable development projects. His main interests are native mammals, conservation, and climate change.

Cristina Casavecchia

Cristina Casavecchia

Advisor in planning and management of conservation and protected areas

Cristina works in strategic planning and management of conservation and protected areas, with innovative methodological approaches for projects. She coordinated the IUCN Protected Areas Program for South America. She was a consultant for the National Parks Administration. She has advised and led large-scale conservation organizations, programs, and projects throughout Ibero-America. She is a biologist from the National University of Córdoba and holds a Master’s degree in protected areas management from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Gabriel Weggener

Administration and Finance

Public Accountant from the National University of Córdoba. He works as an independent consultant providing services in the commercial and third sector. He is a professor at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, and head of the Department of practical works.

Advisory Committee

Gerardo Ceballos, PhD

Gerardo Ceballos

Scientific Advisor

He is a researcher at the Universidad Autónoma de México and a Mexican Academy of Sciences member. He is dedicated to conserving species and their ecosystems, linking the advances in research with concrete solutions to environmental problems. Gerardo is an ecologist and conservationist with numerous books and articles published. His work has been awarded multiple prizes around the world.

Malena Srur

Malena Srur

Scientific Advisor

She is a biologist focusing on ecology, expert in using Geographic Information Systems for the planning, implementation, and management of natural protected areas. She has focused her career on land conservation in Argentina, participating in the creation processes of Iberá, El Impenetrable, Patagonia, Traslasierra, and Ansenuza National Parks. He is in charge of GIS and territorial database management in the Gran Chaco project of the Rewilding Argentina Foundation.

Claudio Bertonatti

Scientific Advisor

Museologist, naturalist, and teacher with a postgraduate degree in Environmental Management and another in Historical Botanical Gardens. He has been dedicated to conserving and interpreting nature and cultural heritage since 1983. He has been linked to the Argentine School of Naturalists since its creation. He was Director of the Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina, the Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur, and the Jardín Zoológico de Buenos Aires. He is a scientific advisor of the Azara Foundation and a researcher at Maimonides University. He is a professor at the UNESCO Chair of Cultural Tourism and the Perito Moreno Institute of Buenos Aires. As an author, co-author, or collaborator, he has published 50 books and more than 600 popular science and scientific articles.